Operating a digital transformation and ensuring the development of our associated skills were both important issues to us. While we are lucky enough to have a loyal customer base, we needed to make sure that we transitioned to encourage online shopping (with adequate service fees). It was also essential to us to achieve more targeted marketing and a more precise valuation of our clientele. In short, we wanted a ticketing software that met our need to professionalize our teams on a digital level and that also allowed us to ensure a smooth and efficient transformation, both for our team and our customers.


The freedom, autonomy and flexibility offered by the Tuxedo ticketing software have positively confronted us and lead us to rethink our organisation’s structure. We have hired a communications resource following the analysis of the results of targeted actions. We have therefore given ourselves the means to think strategically and to make informed decisions, while ensuring the creation and dissemination of promotional content with a better targeting of our clientele.

Our internal discourse has been completely transformed by encouraging online shopping. Beyond the event ticketing software itself, the support offered by the Tuxedo team is without a doubt the company’s greatest strength. It has led us, step by step, to develop further, to work as a team and to better equip ourselves to make this change smoothly, both for our customers and for our employees.


  • 50% increase in online ticket sales.
  • Better returns, all calculable thanks to the powerful database.
  • Better alignment between departments (general management, communications, and ticketing).
  • No more paper forms (everything is done in Tuxedo).
  • Better contact with our customers thanks to the possibility of making targeted offers and offering surprise pre-sales.
  • Better segmentation in our marketing actions.

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