The digital transformation and the development of our associated skills were an important issue. While we have a loyal customer base, we needed to make sure that we transitioned to encourage online shopping (adequate service fees), better targeted marketing, and better customer appreciation. In short, we wanted software that met our need to digitally customize our teams and ensure a smooth and efficient transformation, both for our teams and our customers.


The freedom, autonomy and flexibility offered by Tuxedo software have positively confronted us to the need to restructure our organization’s flow chart. We have hired a communications resource following the analysis of the results of targeted actions. We have therefore given ourselves the means to ensure strategic thinking and to make informed decisions, while ensuring the creation and dissemination of promotional content with better customer targeting.

Our discourse has totally changed internally by encouraging online shopping. Beyond the software, the support the Tuxedo team offers is the greatest strength. It has led us, step by step, to develop, to work as a team and to better equip ourselves to make this shift smoothly, for both customers and our employees.


  • 50% increase in online sales.
  • Better returns, computable with the powerful database.
  • Better alignment between departments (general management, communications, and ticketing).
  • No more paper forms (everything is done in Tuxedo).
  • Better contact with our customers by offering targeted offers and surprise presales.
  • Better segmentation in our marketing actions.

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